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Brand new to the Alliston area! Offering new and innovative treatments, to help bring your face & body back to life, so you can feel like the best you!  Offering Laser, Light Therapy, Micro-Needling & more!

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About Us


Christine Eves - Owner/Medical Aesthetician

So a little bit about me & why I got into this profession!

I grew up in hospitals, not because I was sick, but because I was raised by a strong-willed Health Care Professional, that I would love to go and visit at work! Throughout the years, I have worked various jobs in a hospital, as well as in retail, and truly thought that a hospital profession was where I was going to end up.  But then Health Care started changing, and I was not a fan of how the changes started feeling more corporate focused vs. patient focused.  What I really wanted to have was a career where at the end of the day I made a difference in people's life.  Where people can leave my work and feel more refreshed, happier or revitalized.  I did a lot of researching and soul searching and finally learned about Medical Aesthetics!  I went to College in the GTA and graduated in the top 2 of my class.  Next was the hard part, where to work?  Thankfully my College did have job leads for their students and grads, so I worked in Toronto at a couple different places over two years.  I loved everything I was doing, however I was disheartened a bit by the way the spas were run, and how not everyone truly cared about getting the best results for the clients, as long as their bank account got full.  So I took the leap and decided to open my own medical spa, where I can solely focus on my clients needs and satisfactions!

In my spare time, I volunteer with Searchlight Service Dogs, as a foster parent to Psychiatric Service Dogs in Training!  I love animals and to be apart of this process is truly amazing.  My dog and cat are also great foster siblings and love the extra snuggles & attention from their new brother or sister.  Searchlight Service Dogs is a Not-for-profit charitable organization, if you have the time please visit their website to learn about this amazing organization.


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